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"I have been coming to Uplift for about 6 months now and honestly, it has left my other workout studios/routines in the dust! I always leave feeling as though I've had a well-rounded workout (and an incredibly sweaty one at that!) The ladies of Uplift have created an ideal setting for women to workout--an incredibly welcoming, fun, and well-designed environment which you'll always look forward to visiting."

- Maggie O.

"From the first moment of walking into Uplift it was a breath of fresh air. The studio provides a sense of intimacy that large-scale gyms in the city can’t deliver. At least one of the founders (Leanne, Helena & Katie) is always there to greet you with a smiling face which gives you a boost before your workout. Next stop, the woman’s locker room and they’ve thought of everything – hair ties, deodorant, face wash, you name it they have it! The classes are incomparable, although my favorite is Fit and Flow. I attend every week I love it so much. It’s easy to get to know the trainers (and vice versa) so it’s like having a personal training session even though you’re taking a group class. Many Uplift goers come with friends and although I’ve gone solo there’s a sense of camaraderie with all the other women since everyone is getting their butt kicked. Afterwards there’s always a possibility of a glass of wine, a snack and a chat. I find myself never wanting to leave and have made a few friends along the way. In a city that prides itself on unique experiences you’d be hard-pressed to find a gym that offers so many things in one place – fitness, friends & a fabulous space!"

- Caitlin S.

"Uplift is my first real introduction to strength training, but what I love about taking classes like Uplifting and Workit Circuit is that that's okay. Instructors like Michelle do a great job of offering modifications for those who need things to be a little bit easier or for those who want a bit more of a challenge, making the classes good for women of all fitness levels. What's been exciting for me is to see my progress over a few months: I've moved up in which weights I'm using, as well as opting for the moderate or difficult modifications over the easier ones.

The vibe of the studio is encouraging, supportive, and challenging. The message everywhere -- from the inspirational messages on the mirrors to the comments from the staff -- is positive and upbeat, promoting strength, health, and pushing yourself further."

- Kimber M.

"Why I love Uplift...

1) Training with Leanne - When I first worked out with Leanne I will admit that I immediately developed a girl crush on her. She has a way of making you feel like however you are right now, however fast you can run or whatever weight you can lift is good enough, BUT you are totally capable of doing better. It is hard to find a trainer who can make you want to work harder without feeling bad about where you are currently but Leanne does this and kicks my butt with a smile. When I first started working with her I told her I wanted to run a half marathon, but I wasn't sure I could since I hadn't run any sort of distance before. The first day we ran together we ran for a total of 6 minutes before I called it quits. Now Leanne has me running over an hour without stopping and I know I will accomplish my half marathon goal in the very near future.

2) Workout and Wine classes - This idea is nothing short of genius. It takes a little more motivation to get into the gym somedays (especially after work) so by designing classes that provide an immediate incentive to working out (i.e. right after you work out you get to socialize and sip and snack) you get people to do something healthy and have fun while doing it. All of the trainers at Uplift are friendly and welcoming and I love chatting with them as well as the other participants. These classes are a great way to catch up with old friends and make new ones!

3) The studio space - You can tell this is a girl's clubhouse. You have the top of the line products in the showers, a bar to snack at before and after class AND a library nook filled with literature and US Weeklys. I come early to class and stay after because this place is way cooler than my apartment!"

- Megan E.P.

"A close friend referred me to Uplift after attending a class. She raved about the facility, thought the instructors were fun and knowledgeable and enjoyed the overall vibe. I went once and was hooked! The entire experience at Uplift is, well, uplifting! Begining with the smiling face that greets you as you walk in, to the fellow class-goers, there is an all-around positive, polite and ready to get after it energy. I have been to a ton of classes all over the city and Uplift just fits. I look forward to going (I mean, free wine after class, ummm, yes....) but on top of that, I feel great and have so much more energy. Thank you uplift, I love that I can now do a perfect push up!"

- Hadley P.

"I have nothing but love and appreciation for Uplift! Since my first day at the studio 7 months ago (the week they opened), I felt welcomed by the staff and teachers, and comfortable with the non-competitive (but supportive and encouraging) environment. The facilities are lux, and you can lounge with magazines, coffee, and snacks before (or after) your workout. And I LOVE the butt-kicking classes! I’ve seen a positive transformation in my body, my work out habits, and my mindset. I actually want to get up in the morning to attend classes before work, and especially enjoy Michelle’s “Uplifiting” class – the mix of strength training and plyometrics get me sweating, and her positive attitude and encouragement really push me to work harder every class. I’m not only stronger, but my speed and endurance has increased for my other cardio sessions (like running), which is a benefit I’ve never gained from other classes. I feel lucky to have found this awesome studio and cannot recommend it highly enough – thanks to Leanne, Katie, Helena, Michelle and team for providing such a great place to sweat."

- Stacy M.