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Take your passion….and make it happen

February 27, 2012

Or, to quote another song, "I think a change, change, will do you good..."

“The easier things in life are, the more dulled a person gets," an old friend recently told me. “When I’m roughing it–whether it’s when I’m traveling [he travels all over the world and has been everywhere from Spain to Mongolia] or just working extra hard or extra shifts to pay the bills–I’m forced to be more aware, more on top of things, and more alive.”

He’s so right on. It’s amazing how taking charge of your life and making things happen, even when you face adversity….makes things happen. And while attaining that momentum applies to both the large and small scales and starts with baby steps, it continues for the long haul with long striders or sprints to where you want to be. No sitting back and resting on your laurels allowed.

For example, take the big news coming out of this business this week: our name change from Rogue Female Fitness to Uplift. As we grow (seemingly exponentially every day!), reach and engage with more and more women and evolve our philosophy in a positive direction, we felt that our movement was worthy of a more fitting moniker. “Rogue,” while fun and strong, didn't quite capture what we were all about, whereas Uplift is a double entendre brimming with positivity, aspiration and inspiration. Now our vision to create a fitness and lifestyle haven for women that engenders positivity, self-empowerment and celebration—complete with the new name Uplift—is becoming a reality with our first studio space opening in NYC's Flatiron district in mere weeks.

We are literally taking our passion and making it happen, in a stronger way every day. And we have never--not for one minute--taken “No” (or laziness, or excuses, or being busy, or being too tired) for an answer.

I think the easiest way to start making things happen is simply to ask yourself, “What do I want to make happen right now?” As in, “What’s my passion?” Think about it, but only for five minutes. Then just do it. Forget The Secret and self-help. Just know that in the words of Eminem, “You can do anything you set your mind to, man.”

Then there's that other song. During a workout the other day, Irene Cara’s voice came floating out of my iPod earbuds. “Take your passion,” she sang, “and maaaaake it happen!”

And, as she continued to sing, I couldn't help joining in, right there on the West Side Highway: “WHAT A FEELING!”


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