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Uplift is a women-only boutique fitness studio offering amazing group classes, personal training and private events. We have been called the “friendliest fitness studio” in town, and there’s a reason why. Uplift is not just a place to work out – it is a place where women come to do something great for themselves in a fun, friendly and, yes, Uplift-ing atmosphere. We were founded on the philosophy that working out and having an active social life are two of the key components to creating happy, successful lives for women in New York City. Uplift is committed to the empowerment, support and camaraderie of and among our clients.

Our three signature classes are Uplifting-Strength, Uplifting-Cardio, and Uplifting-Sculpt Fusion. Uplifting-Strength focuses on utilizing heavier weights for serious strength training and incorporates three bursts of Tabata-style, high-intensity cardio to keep the heart rate up and blast those calories. Uplifting-Cardio is a super high-energy, bootcamp style cardio class that alternates with full-body toning exercises utilizing lighter weights/higher repetitions to get your muscles burning and shaking. Uplifting-Sculpt Fusion incorporates light free weights (based on your body's needs), body weight and yoga-inspired movements. This class is low impact but high intensity: it gets the whole body working by combining vigorous flow sequences with arm and leg work, balance and core strengthening series. Our class schedule is organized to allow you to alternate Cardio and Strength classes so you can come back every day without getting bored or overusing the same muscle groups. It is a full workout routine that will get you into amazing shape and allow you to finally hit those fitness goals. Your inner athlete will be put to the test as you work hard to get stronger, more toned and experience an incredible overall satisfied feeling, both inside and out. Be ready to sweat. Be ready for sore muscles. Be ready for a kick-ass body. Come get Uplifted.

Our personal training is offered one-on-one or in small groups of up to four women, and is tailored specifically to your fitness goals. Uplift also hosts private events such bachelorette, birthday and corporate events/parties, incorporating our fun “Workout & Wine” classes to combine two of our favorite things - sweating and hanging with friends!

So whether you are a seven-days-a-week workout gal, training for a specific fitness goal, new to working out, or just getting back into working out after a hiatus, Uplift is here for you!

Cardio. Strength. Women. You in?